Friday, July 10, 2009

Don't Forget the Mug

This is a brief article on the importance of preheating your mug. This incredibly simple step is almost never done. Even good coffee shops miss this one frequently. Pay attention next time you go to your local coffee shop. See if they preheat their porcelain cups before they pour drinks in them or if they preheat their cups before they pull shot of espresso into them. Chances are they do not.
There are two reasons this step should not be overlooked. Coffee served in a preheated mug stays warmer longer. This is a particularly helpful tip for making your travel mug last longer. The coffee I brewed at my coffee shop stayed hot longer if I brewed them in a pre-warmed decanter.
More important though is the effect pre-warmed containers have on espresso. Espresso is more sensitive then brewed coffee. It is served in a smaller volume and more concentrated. Whenever there is a variance in temperature, it will cause the espresso to become bitter. This becomes particularly evident if you have ever tried to make iced coffee, but that is another article.
All it takes is a little rinse of your mug and coffee pot with some hot water before you pour or brew and your coffee with markedly less bitter and stay hot longer.

1 comment:

  1. Personally with my ACF cups, I find pre-heating the cups ruins the experience of a nicely poured espresso.

    I can understand if a customer asks for an 'extra hot' coffee, however the changes of flavour in the espresso while it cools is also one of the marvels of appreciating nice coffee.

    I hate the idea of getting a blistering hot cup, which burns my lips at the very touch for the first 10 minutes. Of course, preference is preference and opinions are opinions, but I really feel that if you have the right cups, they won't take the heat away from the freshly brewed espresso as negatively as the majority may think.