Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Sonofresco Coffee Roaster Refurbishing Project

I purchased a used Coffee Kinectics roaster about a year ago. It was pretty beat down when I got it. It was sitting in the back of a restaurant salvage warehouse. I got a great deal on it but it needs quite a bit of refurbishing.

Of course Kinetics is now Sonofresco. It is a nice little air roaster that roasts 1 lb. batches. The advantage of this over the hot top or other similar home roasters is its overall output capabilities are commercial. The downside is price and it needs to be run outside or ventilated. The good news for me is after all my expenses for this roaster won’t have set me back much more than a hot top and I will be able to run a small commercial coffee roasting operation.

Over the last year I have been perfecting my roasting skills with more Spartan home roasting devices. I am finally ready to begin my rehab project of the Sonofresco coffee roaster. As you can see in this picture it needs quite a bit of work.


Besides general cleaning I have identified the three main components that need to be replaced. The heat sensor, the roast chamber, and the fuel source needs to be converted from natural gas to propane, since I am not equipped for natural gas.

You can see the roast chamber was in a pretty sorry state.

I ordered a propane intake to replace this natural gas valve.

So that is the current state of my coffee roaster. I spoke with a rep for Sonofresco today and a new heat sensor, roast chamber, and propane conversion kit are on their way. I will post updates to my coffee roaster refurbishing project.


  1. Hi, I just picked up a used, also beaten up and abused Sonofresco roaster. It is broken and I need to fix it. it was originally a propane model but i want to convert it to natural gas. Might you be able to help me out with the old parts that you took out of your unit when you converted to propane? My name is Julio and you can reach me at 562-212-9999.

  2. Where did you find the conversion kit??? Ive just set up my shop and I scored a 1lb sonofresco which is set up for nat gas...i need to run propane....thanks!

  3. I have had a 2 lb roaster for about a year. I am roasting to raise money for the Turner Center for the Arts in Maplewood Missouri. Anyway how have you liked your roasters? I have learned how important it is to clean the temp sensor and the screen religiously or the roast gets too dark. I am loving the learning!

  4. Looking to sell my Sono fresco 1200 roaster ,it is used and will need a good cleaning ,I have a newer roast chamber and three additional one that I made out of stainless steel that work great it is gas fired unit