Monday, July 6, 2009

Water: You're Coffee's Canvas

Think of water like a canvas for your coffee. The canvas underneath is not the focal point of a painting, but a painter takes great care to use a quality canvas before he begins his painting, because what is underneath the painting will have a marked affect on how it looks. Okay I’ll it leave at that before this article takes a turn for the ridiculous, and I think I’ve made my point that water is an important component to a good cup of coffee. So let us look at how to improve our water at home.
I used an inline filtration system with six filter tubes at my coffee shop. This is a critical reason why you can never seem to get your drip coffee as good as your local coffee shop, even though you may be using the same coffee beans as them. You can purchase these for your home, and if you are handy could probably install it yourself. If you do, you will need to the change the filters at least every 90 days. If you are not as handy, there are several other options requiring zero handyman skills available.
The easiest of these options is to purchase purified water. You can purchase it by the gallon at your grocery store or even have it delivered. This is an easy option but is not kind on your pocket book.
You can purchase secondary filtration systems for relatively cheap and they require little to no installation. Some attach to the end of your faucet and require minor installation. I prefer the pitcher type filters. These are as easy as filling up a pitcher to use and since you keep these pitchers in the refrigerator; your water will be at a lower temperature than out of the tap, which will give your final product a cleaner taste. Of course, with either one of these filtration methods you will have to regularly change the filter for them to be effective. The manufacture of the filter system you purchase should provide guidance on this.
Even though water may not be the star of the play that is your cup of coffee, remember the supporting actors need direction as well. You would so not paint on a dirty canvas why brew with unfiltered water.

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