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Coffee - Tastes From Around The World

Coffee - Tastes From Around The World

Author: Wesley Johnson

The world loves coffee, but people show it in different ways. When a person walks into a coffee store in the US, the options may initially seem overwhelming. However, if all coffee styles from many nations around the world were also available in those same stores, there would not be enough room on the walls to list them. To learn more about different coffee cultures from America to Ethiopia, keep reading.

Coffee Americano or American Blend

American coffee typically is one of two different styles - a Cafe Americano and a basic, medium-roast Arabica blend.

A cafe Americano refers to a shot of espresso mixed with a cup or mug full of hot water and a splash of cream or sugar to taste. Meanwhile, the classic American blend of coffee is typically an Arabica bean medium roasted. The medium roast increases the sweetness of the taste, cuts down on the harshness of a dark roast and boasts a minimal acidic level.

European Coffee

The term "European coffee" generally refers to any dark roast, or a French roast in particular. The beans are roasted until they're black and the coffee is often more bittersweet than the more common American roast.

Normally, a European roast refers to an espresso roast where the beans are roasted specifically for an espresso, which are then used in cafe au lait, espresso shots, frappucinos and other coffee drinks. This is a very strong coffee, reflected in the taste.

Turkish Coffee

Turkish coffee refers to which is prepared by boiling the very finely ground, powdery coffee in a pot with boiling water. The coffee is then served in a cup and the grounds, or dregs, settle to the bottom. Ideally, the coffee is started with cold water and boiled over a long heat to achieve a perfect foam.

This type of coffee is routinely served in Turkey, the Middle East, North Africa and the Caucasus region.

Ethiopian Coffee

Ethiopians often consider their land to be the birthplace of coffee, and has an intricate coffee ceremony that is very much a part of its culture.

Typically, the coffee is brewed by roasting raw or green beans over hot coals or a fire. Then, each guest may waft the roasting smoke toward themselves to sample the aroma. Next, the roasted beans are ground using a mortar and pestle.

The grounds are subsequently boiled in a special pot called a jebena. Once the coffee boils up into the neck of the pot, it's then poured into another container to cool off and then put back into the jebena. Finally, a filter is placed over the spout of the jebena and the coffee is poured and served.

Traditionally, the coffee is served all at once. The host will pour the coffee into all the cups on a tray and without stopping. Once brewed, the grounds are later used three more times.

Coffee is such a popular drink around the world. Many cultures have their own unique versions that people love for the aroma, flavor, caffeine effect, and social atmosphere it helps to provide.

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