Sunday, July 5, 2009

How to Make the Perfect Cup of Turkish Coffee

Turkish coffee can be defined by two main characteristics. The first is the grind. Turkish coffee’s grind is finer than any other type of coffee. The grind has a baby powder consistency. The second is the way Turkish coffee is brewed. Turkish coffee does not utilize a filter in its brewing process. It is also brought to a boil not once but twice and sometimes a third time. These two factors create several unique quirks about Turkish coffee. The first is how you grind the beans. The second is how you pour Turkish coffee and the third is how you drink it. The good news is none of these techniques are particularly complicated, and in fact they are all pretty simple.
We will start with the grind. Turkish coffee is one of the few coffees I condone buying pre-ground. This is because getting the right consistency can be tricky but is critical to the final product. However, purist will find that grinding Turkish coffee is not rocket science. The most important thing to realize is that the grocery store coffee grinder will not get you even close. I know it has a Turkish coffee setting , but that setting will not even produce a good espresso grind. If you want to brew your own Turkish coffee, you will need to purchase a Turkish coffee mill. These mills often double as decorative pieces. If you do decide to grind your own Turkish coffee, you will not regret your decision.

Before you brew Turkish coffee, you will need to purchase a few items. Do not worry they are all relatively inexpensive. Unless of course you opt for the more decorative pieces which are available in great variety. The first thing you will need is an ibrik, this is the pot you will use to brew Turkish coffee. It is sometimes called a cezve. You will also need a set of demitasse cups. These are the small cups that Turkish coffee is traditionally served in and because of the coffee's consistency play an important role in its enjoyable consumption.

To brew Turkish coffee:

1. Add cold water to the ibrik, measure with a demitasse cup.

2. Add one spoonful of Turkish coffee per cup.

3. Stir the coffee

4. Add the coffee to medium high heat source and watch the coffee throughout the whole process. This is critical.

5. You will notice a film form on top of the coffee when it begins to roll over remove from the heat source.

6. Let the coffee sit for about 30 seconds.

8. Place back on heat source until it begins to roll again. You can drink your Turkish coffee at this point.

9. If you prefer sweeter coffee. Remove from heat source add sugar and reheat one more time before serving.

10. Let the Turkish coffee sit for about 30 seconds before pouring. This allows the sediment to settle on the bottom of the ibrik.

To pour the Turkish coffee set up the demitasse cups. Fill each cup a third of the way up. Then make another pass filling each cup to the top. When you drink Turkish coffee also leave the bottom fourth of the coffee remaining in the cup, since this will be largely sediment.

Here is a great video showing the process:


  1. Brewing Turkish coffee is not difficult or an art form, as most people think. Actually, if you have a pot to prepare, and a little cup to drink, it's really easy to prepare and drink.

    Like espresso, making Turkish coffee involves its own little secrets and rituals. You should try this very unique and ancient coffee!

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