Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Coffee and Humor

latte art cartoon
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One of my favorite things when I still had my coffee shop the Bean Counter, was to draw cartoons on a dry erase board. They would usually incorporate daily specials, and customers really responded well to them. Something I love about coffee is that it goes well with so many things: Milk, pastries, chocolate, and humor.

Anyone who frequents independent coffee shops knows that humor is an integral part of many coffee shops, even some of the chains coffee shops get in on the action.

Cartoons, puns, and witty quotes often adorn chalk boards; it must have something to do with coffee’s ability to awaken our creative mind. Since this blog is all about bringing the coffee shop experience into your home, I encourage readers to incorporate humor into their coffee drinking at home.

I have invested in a few tools to help me transfer my cartoons to the computer. Unfortunately, I was unable to transfer my copy of Corel painter to my new computer, so for no I am will have to make do with Microsoft paint. I thought I would kick off my return to coffee shop cartooning with this one about latte art and the perils of training new baristas.

I love coffee and I love illustrating cartoons, and I love writing. Turns out this blog lets me do all three. Whether I am any good at these things has yet to be determined.

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  1. Could I use this for a poster for a latte art throwdown we're having?