Thursday, August 13, 2009

Coffee Rant

So I am sitting in a wine/coffee bar right now. It is very nice, but maybe a little too trendy and hip and ultimately cold for its own good. I like wine/coffee bars, partly because of the crowd they draw. I am sitting next to two men and a woman. One of the men is trying so hard to impress his companions with his knowledge of coffee and everything else. He was explaining the difference between steaming milk and what he referred to as foaming the milk. He told his friends that steaming was a process that used steam and foaming used air. I think what he meant was frothing not foaming milk. Steaming and frothing are indeed two separate processes used to create foam in milk. He then proceeded to talk about all other kinds of nonsense from the origin of the Americano to the best way to hang cabinets.
Of course however humorous I find his stories, I have to concede to fact. Coffee culture is rife with misinformation and conflicting definitions. The second is as I sit here alone in a wine bar on a Thursday night drinking some weird rotation of coffee and beer, can I really talk that much smack?

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