Sunday, August 16, 2009

Hawiian Kauai-Reserve attempt #1coffee review

So I tried the last of my Kauai-Reserve coffee I roasted on Friday, you can read about the roast attempt here. The first pot I brewed didn’t turn out well I was using the coffee brewer at work, and me and this particular Bunn auto-drip do not always get along. Today went much better using my stovetop espresso maker.

I was surprised how this roast tasted. It was clean yet rich with chocolate and caramel tones. This batch of coffee had the taste of a darker roasted coffee even though it was roasted just a shade past cinnamon. It was a truly enjoyable cup of coffee, but as I predicted it had a touch of bitterness in the finish, because of the extended roast time.

I am anxious to give this origin another shot. I am going to roast on the stovetop next time. I think having greater control over temperature throughout the roast of this coffee will allow me to remedy the problems with bitterness. The fact that this cup was not only drinkable but actually enjoyable after the raost fiasco, has sold me on Hawiian coffee and the price tag it comes with.

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