Friday, August 14, 2009

Hawiian Kuai-Reserve Roast Attempt #1

I just finished roasting 100 grams of Hawaiian Kauai-Reserve from Burman Coffee Trader’s. I roasted in two separate batches since my Sonofresco is still out of service.
I should probably take this opportunity to update everyone on the Sonofresco refurbishing project. Everything was going swimmingly until I ran into a few seized hex bolts. They have been stripping all my Allen wrenches. Hopefully I can get to the hardware store soon and resolve the problem. So in the mean time I was relegated to my popcorn popper.
Okay back to the Kauai-Reserve. I was unable to get the beans to reach second crack and called it off at about thirteen minutes. This roaster usually brings coffee beans to a French roast in less than ten minutes. The Hawaiian Kauai-Reserve coffee beans were just past a cinnamon when I stopped the roast. They must be an incredibly dense bean. I think these green beans would have done better on the stove top in my whirly pop. Oh, well I will let them set and see how the taste. I suspect they will be better since I let them roast so long without progression.
Kind of bummed about it since I was looking forward to trying this origin, I will try again tomorrow on the stove top. Sorry no pictures either, down to my camera phone right now and could not get pictures to upload.
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